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Throughout the lockdown many industries will have continued to operate albeit under different operating and working practices. The latest government advice for factories and laboratories detail some of the ways to assess the risks of operating during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to manage the transmission risk and become COVID-Secure.

Whereas social distancing and good hygiene form the backbone of the government advice, HEALTHY ACCESS SYSTEMS can assist in providing technology to further the goal of managing the transmission risk. The government advice recognises that entrances/exits, break rooms, canteens, etc. can be some of the more challenging places to maintain 2m social distancing.

HEALTHY ACCESS SYSTEMS can be introduced in these areas to provide:

  • Temperature checks on entry (accurate to a tolerance of ±0.3 C)
  • Ensure the wearing of masks
  • Regulate access control
    • Staggering arrival and departure times 
    • Reducing congestion, for example, by having more entry points to the workplace 
    • Using markings and introducing one-way flow at entry and exit points 
    • Providing alternatives to touch-based security devices such as keypads 
    • Designating exclusive entry/exits points for personnel working in high-risk areas, such as mechanical test sites
    • and wet labs
    • Door and turnstile opening automation 
    • Facial recognition for authorised access 
    • Traffic light control for regulating numbers in a given space 
    • Limiting visitor and contractor numbers 
    • Maintaining a record of visitors and contractors where possible

In the event of a notification of elevated temperature, monitoring staff can take appropriate steps to recommend self-isolation and testing in the case of an employee and refuse entry in the case of a visitor or contractor

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and how HEALTHY ACCESS SYSTEMS can be of vital assistance to your business to protect your employees, customers and visitors and to become COVID-Secure. We are happy to arrange a remote demonstration of our systems, or you can visit our showroom, where we have set up a COVID-Secure space for you to see the system in operation.

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